Positive pregnancy tests are something I love seeing. Unless you are 4 weeks 6 days post miscarriage and waiting on your first period. Then you want to see a stark white, no liner, so you know your HCG is normal. HCG is what tells your period to stay away. I have been spotting since Friday. Like not enough to need to wear anything. I have been cramping since Wednesday. My doctor told me to test again in two week(1 week and 6 days ago) and if it was positive to call in. Well I tested this morning, just curious. 4w6dpostmcedited

I know you probably can’t see them, and that is because it is ALMOST not there. Its enough that is this was a normal cycle, and we tried, I would consider myself pregnant. But this isn’t a normal cycle. My HCG is still fading from the miscarriage. Do I call in? Or wait a few more days to test again?


3 thoughts on “Postive

    1. I called, they said I could come in for an HCG draw, but my spotting is picking up, so i think AF is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. I think if I still don’t have a flow by Monday I’ll go in.

      1. I think I’d want to go in just to see if it’s zero. I know that their is a certain type of hurt when you are in that waiting stage. It totally stinks because you just want it to be over. Thinking about you.

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