It’s a rough one for me folks…

On facebook, random chick who I unfollowed, yet still can’t resist occasionally stalking


“When I found out I was pregnant with XXXXX I was devestated.”

Yes, that is completely taken out of context, because the rest of the status goes on and gives the glory to God and how he changed her heart to love this unplanned baby and how she knows that the baby was already planned for her family. But that is what I read first. That is what made me gag and question and want to cry.

And with that, my facebook account is deactivated.


2 thoughts on “It’s a rough one for me folks…

  1. You’ll feel better once you aren’t caught off guard with all the announcements and pictures and such. I closed mine a just a week ago and I thought I would miss it. Since I’m not working, I thought I’d be lost without it. I’m not. I actually feel a lot better about deactivating it. Good for you (but I’m sorry you’re upset)

  2. I don’t blame you for closing your account. I deactivated mine over a year ago and didn’t miss it at all, so I actually just went ahead and deleted the whole thing. I still don’t miss it! We have to do what is best for ourselves and our mentality. You’ll know when the right time to jump back on is, if you decide to do that.

    MEL @

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