Hot flash during 6th.

Sixth period was the most difficult class I had today. They weren’t bad, just trying to take advantage or the sub. The others were very sweet and respectful. They got their work done and didn’t pull and crap. So naturally, it would happen that clomid decides to kick my butt and give me the worst hot flash I have had yet. Ugh. I didn’t have sweat stains, but I don’t know how I managed that! It was miserable. I get cranky during a hot flash at home, but put me in a class with 28 Spanish 2 students, nine of which are being punks and watch out. Luckily 7th period is study hall, and I have one student in study hall, and she absent.

1 thought on “Hot flash during 6th.

  1. Whew! You got lucky that seventh period had a no-show. You probably needed that time to recover! I’ve never been on Clomid, but I can just imagine how it can mess with your body. But all this will be worth it when you have that sweet baby in your arms!! I know you feel that way, too. Lots of baby dust!

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