Weirdest thing.

Today I am subbing at my alma mater. Good ole’ SOHS. It is just about the most surreal experience I have ever had. Especially because I mis read the time on the job, and for some reason thought I had to be here at 7:35. So I let my house at 7:10, and on the way over I was thinking its weird that I have to be there so early, BC school doesn’t start until 8:45. At a stop sign I opened the job info and saw that I misread. So while I was going to drive through Starbucks and get a coffee, I decided I would stop by my parents house and drink their coffee for free.

So I left my parents house at 8:15. The time I would leave for school junior and senior year(ya know, when I was driving myself.) I was walking into school at 8:30, with tons of students. I walked in the door and there were clumps all over the lobby. In the office the geometry teacher my freshmen year is now a guidance counselor. My geography teacher is now the principal. My chemistry teacher, who was old at the time, is still teaching and who im supposed to go to if I need any help. My freshmen science teacher is right down the hall.

I am a physics teacher today. In the science hall of South Oldham High School.


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