Here we go baby Michels! Here we go!

Yes, I am chanting for my baby. Lol. The witch showed mid morning today, which I new she would show, but this is the “latest” I’ve ever been and not had a positive pregnancy test, so I was beginning to wonder. It had been 5 days since I had tested on a dollar tree test. So there was an ever so small seedling of doubt. But it was confirmed this morning. Not pregnant. So I literally got back from the bathroom and called my RE, I’m ready to do this. I need to get my script for the other half of my clomid(I still had 1 50mg dose left over from my ob.) I also want to clarify a lot.

I believe it goes like this:

Clomid cd3-7

Estrogen patches cd8-?

Ultrasound for follie check cd 8-12

Ovulating HOPEFULLY cd13 or 14. (she had mentioned something about a trigger, but I’m not sure what.)

Progesterone o-14dpo

I ordered a slew of wondfo OPKS and HPTs today, so hopefully they get here soon. I honestly will probably start POAS at like 8 dpo. mainly bc I have 20 wondfos…I’m so excited!


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