3 dpo testing out the trigger


Top: 1dpo

Middle: 2 dpo

Bottom: 3 dpo

Definitely darker than yesterday, but its too early for that to be excitement worthy. I started progesterone last night so I expect to be feeling super pregnant in no time.


4 thoughts on “3 dpo testing out the trigger

  1. Weird that it darkened this early….theoretically it should lighten until the shot is out of your system, then it’ll start darkening again after you’ve implanted and start secreting HCG on your own……I guess anything is possible. Tomorrow’s test will give us a better idea! Fingers crossed….looking good!!

    1. I think it is just different urines and different times of the day. I do think it’ll continue to lighten, we shall see what tomorrow brings.

  2. What kind of progesterone are you taking? I also assumed I’d take it and just “feel” pregnant, but I didn’t really feel any different. I felt kind of weird and eventually crampy, but that’s about all it did to me.

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