So I’m a crazy.

I had two baby showers this weekend. I loved seeing my friends today at the baby shower, but they started talking about how crazy it is that meth addicts have babies, or one lady works at a hospital and she said after giving birth she went out to smoke pot in the parking lot. And all I could think was those ladies get babies and I don’t Sad smile. actually, that frowny face isn’t quite large enough. But whatever. So. this morning I posted a picture of my peesticks. Then I actually played around with them in gimp. and…<DON’T JUDGE ME!!!> normally I’m not one for intense tweaking. Just inverting and such, but I played with the “thresholds” tool, which it starts off completely white and as you slide it over it start putting in black the darkest colors. so I slid it over, all the control lines showed up first, then the top test line, then third test line, then second, and fourth, then fifth, then…seventh, then sixth! WHAT WHAT?!?! I know it doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe tomorrows will be darker? Here is the untweaked pic again.triggershot8dpo

And tweaked:triggershot8dpotweakedSee how the test inbetween hasn’t even showed up? Maybe maybe?


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