I know I use this blog alot as a way to vent frustrations over infertility, but u truly have so much in my life to be thankful for.
I’m thankful for:
– the sacrifice of Jesus and the promise of pain free, infertility free, diabetes free life with Him.
– for our baby. Even though we lost him, I’m thankful he made us parents, even for such a short time. I can’t wait to meet him one day.
– Joseph. He is the greatest husband I could ever ask for, and he makes me a better person and wife. His love is so overwhelming its wonderful to feel so secure when the rest of my world seems like it is falling apart.
– internet pals. With the ladies here in the blogosphere and the ladies on tww, I wouldn’t have the support system I do. They encourage me when I’m up, and listen and reaffirm my feelings when down.
– medicine. While both Joseph and I are disappointed our bodies don’t do what they should on their own, I’m thankful for medicine, and all our doctors, through which Joseph is still here(and will be for a long time) and we have a chance at having a child.
– Family. These past 18 month I have pulled away some from our families because our families are fertile, but since the miscarriage, we have been much more open about our struggles. It doesn’t necessarily fix things, and often they don’t know what to say, but it’s nice to have a family who is aware of what’s going on in our lives.
– Our friends. This area of relationships is difficult because all of my friends are fertile, and in the midst of growing/starting their family. But I am still thankful for them, and super thankful many of them don’t struggle with infertility, and haven’t had a loss and I pray that continues. Specifically I am super thankful for my friend K in Texas, she has been my sounding board since the miscarriage. I’ve texted her pics of pre sticks for second opinions, and she has been so supportive and helpful.
– Amy and Rocky. They are the sweetest, most caring, and understanding couple. They were the first to know about our baby, and straight up prayed for us then and thee. I know they have been praying for us for through out this whole journey, and we can feel it. Even in those moments if devastation, We can feel God and His presence , His encouragement, and His promise.
– Our small group. Though not all of them quite know or understand everything we are going through, many of them have personal stories of infertility, and they are so helpful. They have shown how God has a plan for our family, it might not match up with our idea, but He will provide the children we are to love and parent.


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