RE baseline number 2.

So today is cd4, I called cd1 to schedule my baseline ultrasound, hoping for Friday CD 3, but no such luck. So we had our appt today at 12:30. Joseph and I arrive about 12:20 and are in the waiting room. We are probably not people you want to have in your waiting room. We talk quietly, but we talk, and laugh and giggle. I don’t think we are inconsiderate, as I wouldn’t mind if other people were talking, but all the other couples were talking silently. Yes, there were several occasions I could see there mouths move, but never any sound came out. Any who, we were called back, told to strip down from the waist down. I did, the doctor came in and stuck me with the fabulous wand, and lo and behold lots of eggs. Dr asks about my testosterone, I told her its normal(bc she told me it was normal.) then asked about my cycle length, once again normal. Then we had the same discussion about PCOS we have 3 times. How there are three criteria and you have to have two. I only have one. Blah blah, we’ve heard it before. Then we discussed what we’ll do this cycle. She upped my clomid to 150 mg for three days, then 100 mg for the remaining two(she really wants three follicles close in size.) I go in next Saturday for my monitoring scan. We will probably trigger a couple days after followed by some fun timed intercourse. She said its more important for us to have intercourse leading up to the trigger shot. So I imagine we’ll go the day of the ultrasound, then everyday until O, maybe other day. She did say we don’t want to deplete Joseph’s stores. So we’ll see.


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