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It’s the foster count down!

Twelve days until we start our foster care training. 12 days until we are on the road to our family. I can HARDLY wait.

I’m very much hoping we can have some children in our house within the next 6 months. Our training is 5 weeks, with the last day being February 22nd. I’ve heard the background check can take 10 weeks. I’m not thinking that they’ll wait until the end of the training to start fingerprinting, so I feel like we’ll be good to go mid May, hopefully have a placement shortly after!

We are going to continue with our clomid cycles (we only have two left.) and then we’ll take a medical intervention break (we’ll still TTC on our own) until 2015. This will allow us to focus on our family, however it begins, and to save funds. We need to take care of our little bit of second mortgage. I probably need a new car(I’m currently driving my first car still, it’s a 95 plymouth neon, and it runs super well) only to fit our family.

So my 2014 Goals

  • Start our family.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Be an awesome wife
  • Paint our bedroom
  • Thrift(and paint) our bedroom furniture (Joseph doesn’t know about this.)

Santa’s workshop.

So every year I hand make several gifts. This year, in an attempt to stay super busy through the two week wait, I handmade gifts for everyone. That’s nine handmade gifts. Not including Joseph. So here is my photo dump from Christmas 2013.

Starting off we have my older brother’s Pugs not Drugs Tshirt. I forgot to take a finished picture, but I did freezer paper stenciling for the words and the pug. I ended up outlining the words in black as well.WP_000885

I made my younger brother cornhole boards and cornhole bags.(That’s my sister on the left there, and the sweetest foul tempered cat on the right, and for the record I am not a University of Louisville fan, but they weren’t for me.)V__A341

I purchased all my sister’s/SIl a cowl neck fleece and embroidered their monogram on the back. (Ignore the tippie-toes and mismatching bootsWinking smile)


I did some other small things but the BIG THING that has been taking me away from all forms of communication was Joseph’s gift. He is a computer engineer and does quite a bit of indie development on the side. So I decided I wanted to get him a nice big boy desk. His old one was laminate kid furniture. So I started pricing desks, UGH! We had set a STRICT Christmas budget this year (because we’re attempting to fund infertility treatments Shifty) and couldn’t afford to buy a desk. So I asked my dad if he’d help me build one. We used Ana-White’s Narrow Farm House Table. But when we began, I decided, since I was able to enlist the help of my awesome father, I wanted to go ahead and make two desks. The exact same, one for Joseph, his two monitors, laptop, and our printer. And one for me and all my sewing machines. So we got to work. Thankfully my dad had to take off the ENTIRE week before Christmas because his vacation days were going to expire. So we worked everyday. Joseph would get up and go to work, and the second the garage door close, I popped out of bed, got dressed, and headed over. Several day Joseph was home before me. In the beginning I kept it super secret. Not even letting him know I was working on something. He just assumed I was being SUPER lazy and not doing anything(cleaning) all day. But towards the end, when I wasn’t able to make it home before him, he caught on that I was working really hard. So….here they are!WP_20131225_007WP_20131225_006

You can see his old desk in this picture.WP_20131225_005Here is an upclose picture of the stain. It is Min-wax’s Classic Grey.WP_000912

Surviving the tww.

I’ve been trying my best to stay super busy in my tww. I’m 6dpo today. Yesterday I had a mini cave and peed in an opk. I still have plenty of trigger left in me. Other than that, I’ve been knitting like crazy. I have one stocking done, my nieces is 70% finished, and two I need to start. I’m also trying to finish Christmas gifts, which I’m hoping to do tonight.

I am also hosting a Christmas party in 6 days so my house needs to be super cleaned, and I want to rearrange our living room. So, I have a really busy 8 days ahead of me,which is perfect!

Christmas bf?

So I ovulated yesterday. It wasn’t super painful, but I could definitely feel it(where usually I can’t.) so naturally I wake up this morning and think about when to test. My RE told me to test on Christmas.

I triggered Monday, which makes all hpt positive. I believe last time the trigger was gone around 9dpo. Which would be Friday December 20th.

My concern is if I test before or on Christmas and its a bfn, it would ruin Christmas. But if its going to be a bfp, I want to know ASAP! I should probably have a smidgen of self preservation and wait til the 26th. Oh well, I have 13 days to figure it out.

Christmas Gifts

Joseph’s gave me my trigger shot this morning at 6:30. It hurt a very slight amount, but is sore still now. But He’d did an amazing job!

Both the districts I work for had a snow day today. So I decided to get my Christmas gifts done. For my sisters and in-laws I bought a cute fleece from target (black Friday it was $10!)

 C9 by Champion® Women's Microfleece Cowl Neck Tunic - Assorted Colors

But any ways, I embroidered their monogram on the back like this

So I made five of these today. And made 7 embroidered key fobs.

And I’ve got chicken veggie soup cooking. Over all super productive day.

Check out my To do before December 22nd list. WP_000883

And here’s our tree with gifts underneath.WP_000882

You may be thinking there are a lot of bags. That’s because the first year we were married I spent all this time wrapping Joe’s gifts and presented them to him all proudly. And all mine were in the shopping bags. Not like a cute Victoria’s Secret bag, but a lame Wal-Mart plastic bag. So I went out after Christmas and bought a bunch of bags on sale, I have supplemented our stash with Target dollar bags as well, but this way I actually get to open something. Its very selfish.

I plan on knitting a lot these upcoming weeks, and hopefully will be able to finish some stockings(and distract myself through the TWW.) But I just need to buy one more gift and make one more gift. So I feel pretty good.

Guess who’s not cancelled?!?!

THIS GIRL! Everyone’s thoughts and prayers paid off. We have three follicles that will go! WOOO!. We trigger in the morning. Tonight we feast! (On cheese fondue and happiness!)

My RE told me to test Christmas day…praying for a Christmas miracle!