Clomid cycle 4, day 1

150 mg of clomid, washed down with ice cold beer(shouldn’t affect the clomid, but definitely affects my mood Smile.)

Woke up 2:30 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Laid in bed until 3:15, then came out to the living room and watched the ENTIRE Hobbit the unexpected journey movie. Finally falling asleep about 6 ish. Slept until 9:30.

I somewhat remember not being able to sleep on clomid in the past cycles. I googled it, and its usually someone (original poster) asking a question in a forum like “Does clomid cause insomnia?” and then everyone else is like “no, but I do get hot flashes.” or “No, but the headaches are a pain.” but there are enough google results that clearly it does. Almost like all of the insomniac clomid users should join the same forum, just so there could be a post where the original poster is like “I can’t sleep on clomid, is this normal?” and everyone else is like “yes, go to your living room and watch a harry potter.” Or “Yes, you may as well start cleaning your hopeful baby room that you have left to get super messy because you are infertile.” But other than that, nothing. All the while I’m hoping I make three HUGE PERFECT looking follicles. I have decided I will take evening primrose oil, and perhaps robitussin this cycle. When we got pregnant, I was taking EPO and clomid, so hopefully that combination will work.

I will be taking 150 mg clomid again tonight, also washed down with an ice cold beer. Which I’m hoping will be one of my last for the next 9 months.


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