Ttc and working.

So I don’t have a full time job. I sub about 2-3 days a week. But how do you ttc with a full time 9-5 job? Our first year ttc I worked full time, but I have the hardest time now. I have to pack opks and a pee cup which I’ll take at lunch and planning. And when I ovulate(my far too many follicles) im fairly certain I will be in too much pain to work. I had some fairly bad cramping today and had to sit down. and I’ve had several hot flashes. It really isn’t too bad, but it’s more difficult than I would like. However, today it is keeping me busy until my appt, so that is greatly appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Ttc and working.

    1. The good thing I’ve found is once you have graduated to an RE, the have extended weekday hours and even weekend appts. So that does make it a bit easier. Mine also opens at 7:30, which is great for a 9-5 job, you could hit it up before work and not have to miss anything.

  1. Good luck at your appointment! I hope some dropped off for you.
    I’ve also thought about the full-time work deal while TTC. I mean, TTC while infertile. Not normal TTC which is just zip, bam, boom for 90% of the world. I spent all summer applying for full-time jobs (I’m an adjunct English instructor. Money sucks, but the schedule is super flex), but at the back of my mind, was kind of relieved because I knew I couldn’t work full time and go to appointments and all that junk. I also needed health insurance. My boyfriend got a promotion around the same time, which evened out the money situation. And as much as everyone complains about Obamacare, I’m about to get some. All of it includes maternity coverage whereas my individual plan before did not. Going to grad school, earning a master’s degree gets me a part-time teaching job which puts me below the poverty line so as to qualify for a government subsidy. Thanks America! (Eye roll.)

    1. I’m glad somebody else is thinking about how difficult it’d be. I am amazed at the women who do it. And thankful that we’re in a position to where its not a big deal. I will say my work schedule picks up during the TWW. Its good to keep me busy, and I don’t have any appointments. Unfortunately, my TWW this time will be the week before schools Christmas break, so I’m not expecting many teachers to call in sick.

  2. I work overnight from 7pm to 7 am about an hour away and DH works regular business hours also an hour away. On days I work I don’t see him. Luckily around the time I think I O’d this month I had off but we likely won’t be so fortunate next time. I can go Daus without seeing my hubby!

      1. It would actually be worse to do 3 on because that would be 3-4 days that I wouldn’t see the hubby and that is problematic if it’s during O! I am actually looking to switch jobs so I can work during the day 🙂

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