Not holding my breath.

I’m not holding my breath this cycle. We only bd’d one during my “fertile” window. And that’s ok with me. Joseph and I seriously considering not doing any more medicated cycles. We are burned out. So why pay all the money were paying if we’re too burned out to give it our all. So this may be our last cycle until 2015. We will continue to try, but no more medication, and ultrasounds, and suppositories, and shots in the belly. Just good ole’ boning when we want to. We haven’t officially decided, but I think we’re leaning heavily towards being done with meds. We’ll be able to focus on paying off our second mortgage, fostering, and saving for a new car. We have been cash flowing all of our treatments so far. It hasn’t been too difficult, but I’d be nice to get rid of that second mortgage, so we aren’t having to split our excess income. By getting rid of the second mortgage, we’ll be able to continue cash flowing treatments(even if I’m home with some children) if they treatments increase price. Ya know, adding in IUI or injectables can get pricey. We’d honestly probably need to take another year off to save for IVF, because we’d pay for that outright. But that kind lines up with my tentative schedules. Joseph and I have discussed that if by 30, we don’t have any birthed children, we’d look closer are IVF. So 2014 we’ll be 26. If still no conception on our own, we’ll medicate 2015 (we’ll be 27.) If still no baby, take a year off to save for IVF 2016 (we’ll be 28.)  That’ll put us in 2017 able to afford IVF. Hopefully by then we’ll have some kiddos adopted from foster care already too Smile a girl can hope!


5 thoughts on “Not holding my breath.

  1. Victoria know it’s gonna happen for you!!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but i had given up for us and once i quit the clomid i felt more like myself (it personally made me feel so depressed). When we least expected it it happened i didn’t even think i was ovulating and my parents were here lol!!!! I will continue to be one of your biggest supporter and cheerleaders!!!! you got this girl xoxox

    1. Char, Thanks so much lady! I know it could happen everyday, I’m just finally to a point that if it doesn’t happen, I know I could be happy. I am so overwhelmed with joy for you and your sweet little space prawn! That’s hillarious that your parent were there! You should definitely tell them! Lol.

    1. Thanks, I feel strong. The strongest I’ve felt in a good while. It’ll be nice to stop chasing after dreams of birthing a child right now, and focus on the children who are already here, in my community, that need us to parent them.

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