Urge to pee.

I have an urge to POAS. I’m 6-8dpo.(Have I discussed this?) and I think I’m going to pee on an OPK, and see if that’ll alleviate the need.


6-8dpo. I really feel like I have have ovulated before I triggered. Well, actually the day I triggered. I know I posted my OPKS, I stupidly didn’t take one on Tuesday, just Wednesday(and only one in the evening) and Thursday, which I then triggered Thursday night. But I had ewcm and cramping Thursday day. so…if I ovulated before the trigger, I’m 8dpo, if I didn’t, I’m only 6dpo. Either way, I’m going to go from the trigger, because I won’t be testing too early.


4 thoughts on “Urge to pee.

    1. Honestly, I’m so thankful for these medicated cycles, bc it has cut down my early testing. I used an opk and it was still super string, so learly picking up the trigger. Hopefully that’ll hold me off until Wednesday.

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