I was cramping yesterday, and through the night, a bit this morning. But…10dpo110dpo2

BFN! Ugh! I’m a bit irritated. I can’t get pregnant with meds, I couldn’t get pregnant without. Can a girl just get knocked up?!


5 thoughts on “10dpo

  1. Hated to see this post I was hoping this was your month. I know how frustrating this is we are not using any meds right now and of course nothings happen but I did just find out my 17 year old sister is pregnant.. Don’t ya just love how that works?

  2. I wouldn’t give up just yet….if you felt cramping yesterday maybe it means implantation just happened yesterday so it may need another day or so to show up on your HPT? IDK, that’s my crazy infertility/TTC brain talking. I always convince myself that each month I’m pregnant when I’m actually not. Sorry lady! I do hope that second line comes back VERY VERY SOON!

  3. Don’t give up hope just yet 🙂 The one time I saw double lines was not until day 11…I had tested on day 10 but it was a negative. By day 11 it was a strong positive. Ya just never know 😉


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