Going all in.

That’s what we’re going to do. This will be our final hurrah of baby making for at least the next ten months. So with that being said, I’m going to do every* supplement, exercise program, diet, herb, tea, old wives tale, etc that is said to help ones fertility. So throw them at me ladies!

Anything you use, or have ever wanted to use, let me know!


*every, not really, but many. I will already be on Femara, so I will not add any other natural remedies that are thought to induce ovulation, I also won’t be doing anything I’ve read about can make your cycle wonky, so I’m not going completely crazy, but more crazy than ever before.


15 thoughts on “Going all in.

  1. I make sure to take my daily multivitamin/prenatal and DHA (hubby too) but also just eating healthy and taking care of myself. I haven’t found any good supplements at this point but I hope you find what works!

  2. We use PreSeed when we BD. Idk if it helps in our situation or not, but I’ve heard great things about it. Also of course make sure you’re taking your prenatal vitamin.

  3. But seriously, I’ve been on full fat dairy, fish oil supplements (the super pure kind), prenatal (obviously), wheat germ (in my full fat yogurt and cereal), and I generally try to keep my sugar and “bad” carb intake down.

    I’ve heard meth is good for getting pregnant. Meth addicts always seem to have kids, so they must know something I don’t.

  4. the month I got preggers i was drinking green tea daily, using Evening primrose oil, pre-seed and elevated hips. good luck!

  5. Oh I thought of something else, kind of TMI-ish and perhaps you already know but if you don’t want to shell out for pre-seed, you can use olive oil (or really any cooking oil) or mineral oil for sperm friendly lube.

    1. Thanks! Our RE told us to use canola oil, and we have been but Joseph doesn’t really like it, maybe we’ll try olive oil this time.

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