You have been neglected wordpress. I am so terribly sorry. I just haven’t felt like doing anything on the computer. Seriously, I haven’t been posting on the forum like I normally do either. I’m just in a weird place. I’m trying not to let this whole FTC(failing to conceive) thing dominate my life. I started reading a book. I’m sleeping(a lot Smile.) I’m needy more so than ususal. I’m just in a weird place. For those of your who didn’t watch my last vlog (RUDE!) we are planning on doing IUI this cycle if everything is perfect. Meaning I have three follicles and a lining of 7mm or fluffier. I am also going to ask my RE about a SHG. Jena over at Someday Mama recently had an SHG, after already having an HSG done, and they found a polyp. So I began researching, and apparently SHG’s can be more telling when it come to fibroids and polyps. My mom has fibroids(although it didn’t keep her from birthing a million children, how unfair!) so I’m going to ask my RE if maybe, some of the further testing we can do in 2015 can include an SHG. Follicle scan Wednesday. I’ll let you know!


4 thoughts on “Neglect.

  1. Seriously do it!! Oh my gosh, I so wish Id known this years ago. I feel like this could have been the reason my baby isnt here. I was researching a ton online and many people go on to become pregnant on their own after having the polypectomy.

  2. FTC. I’m stealing that.
    I had an SHG. It was no big deal as in, it didn’t hurt. They found a polyp. I’m cynical though, and I’m like, maybe everyone has polyps. Maybe it’s just a way for them to make money. Of course, I still had the surgery.

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