An update.

I am currently ovulating…allegedly. It’s been 36 hours since we triggered. Also, I did a VLOG about my follicle scan, but realized I never did a written blog.

If you recall, we had decided to go all in this month. My RE upped my Femara to 10mg, hoping to pull up a third follicle. I was also put on metformin. I’ve been eating lower carb, drinking green tea, using cooking oils as lube. And we were going to try IUI if everything looked good.

My follie scan was Wednesday at 10am. My lining was 7.5mm(!) no cervical mucus was seen, BUT I wasn’t taking my expectorant as I should have been. I only have one mature follicle, on my left ovary, it was about a 19. My right ovary had a follicle about 13. I was super disappointed. The point of IUI is to have more eggs, and more sperm. But since we didn’t have more eggs, we decided to not do the IUI and waste the money. So we triggered Thursday morning in the 6 o’clock hour. So I’m probably ovulating, or really freaking close. If today is O day, we bd’d o-1 and o-3. We may go again tonight, we’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, Joseph and I were just discussing that we need to come up with a way to make more money. Because either way we look to expand our family(fertility treatments or adoption) cost a lot. And within three days, I have had two job opportunities.

I was contacted Wednesday I believe by a friend who currently does Foster care wanting to know if I would watch her two boys three days a week. I talked to Joseph and accepted, and am set to start Monday. Today driving home from my friend A’s house, I got a phone call from a sweet friend and there is a math opening at her school. She teaches at a good high school in the county I would like to get a job in. So I’m stuck. I went ahead an emailed the principal, and if he emails me saying he wants to set up an interview, I’ll tell my friend.

Its difficult.

Here’s my pros and cons list.




4 thoughts on “An update.

  1. I am in that boat too. It is difficult but I think if the school calls or emails you back, you should go that route. It will be hard to tell your friend you will have decline but explain the circumstances and she should understand. Good luck either way!

  2. Loved your vlog! Sometimes it’s so nice to put a voice and a face to the blog. Your situation makes me second guess switching. I have been responding fine to clomid but was hearing that fermera = less side effects. Hmmmm well I’m only a few days ahead of you this month so I guess I got two weeks to think about it. Good luck with the trigger. Hope this lone follicle is the one. Maybe since it’s alone it will be needy and search extra hard for those sperm? (crazy infertile moment – Ya I thought so) haha

  3. Don’t put your life on hold. Take the teaching job and enjoy every moment. This is what you are qualified in and your calling. It is a smarter decision for your future after your kiddies grow up to be getting more experience in your chosen career and being a teacher is an awesome job where you can take holidays at the same time as your kids wahoo! That being said neither decision is wrong, but i personally i turned down lots of good job opportunities thinking…what about if i’m pregnant.. what if..what if.. and i finally took the plunge to my new job and it has all worked out and i’ve never been happier there! sending hugs

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