Kiddo Room

So it’s real. It’s happening. We are starting to put together our kiddo room. I have lots of plans, and they’ve changed since the last time I posted about it. Here they are. (MIND YOU, we have changed our age to 2 and under now, still open to two children.)

For the last year(since we moved in) our kiddo room as looked like thisWP_000868

Well, yesterday my mom came over and we cleaned it, and now I can start buying!WP_20140212_004WP_20140212_003 (1)WP_20140212_002

So we’re ready! I have picked out my cribs, and I love them. They just so happen to be inexpensive as well, but I wanted something with clean simple lines. Here they are. (It is storkcraft Sheffield)crib

We will do both cribs on the wall with the window, with this changing table inbetween. (Ikea SUNDVIK changing table.)changingtable

Then…For bedding and crib skirts. I plan on making this crib skirt for both cribs in different colors. So the giraffe, elephant, and dandelion will all be sheets, the strips, chevron, and cool design will be the crib skirts/skirt for the changing table. (these are all found at, from left to right and top to bottom. Premier Prints Lulu Stripe True Turquoise, Premier Prints Gisella True Turquoise, Premier Prints Zig Zag Chartreuse/White, Premier Prints Small Dandelion Coral/White, Premier Prints Ele Chartreuse/White, Premier Prints Maze Coral/White)


I am going to have a thrifted dresser probably painted turquoise, but I’m not certain of it. That will go on the right wall looking into the bedroom We’ll have white curtains for the window, in addition to a black out roller curtain I think. I also want a big grey oversized arm chair/recliner and probably a cubbie system which will go on the opposite wall. Like Ikea’s turquoise Expedit. So I guess if I do a turquoise bookcase/cubbie, I shouldn’t do a turquoise dresser. EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA The high gloss surfaces reflect light and give a vibrant look.

Above the cribs, one on each side, I’m going to make some cute little posters we’ll frame that will say “ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” on the left, and over the right crib “You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

Also we are going to buy two of these mobiles, and I’m going to make some felt animal face to hang down from them(

I know  this may seem silly to some of you, Joseph and I had this discussion last night. This may be our only chance to put together a nursery, so I’m going all out.


9 thoughts on “Kiddo Room

  1. Not silly at all. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! That fabric is so adorable – especially the giraffes!

  2. Hey! I designed some posters for a friend that are you are my sunshine! I can send the digital files your way to see if you want them! Also, I could change the colors for you if you want.

    1. That would be WONDERFUL!!!! I would love it! I’d like them in the colors of the fabric below. Can you do the color dropper thing? Or do you need actualy RBG values? I want to make them like really big.

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