Nursery Wall Décor.

So my sweet friend K who is a super skilled graphic designer has made me some “You are my sunshine” wall art. Which I am absolutely going to use in our kiddo room. But I started thinking about maybe making some “Skidda ma rink a dink a dink” incase we need to use both of our rooms (like the kiddos keep eachother up or super hopeful that we are pregnant and will actually need three cribs.)

So here is what I made today.


I think I really like them. And I really like that it kept me distracted all day. Tomorrow will be 11dpo, and I have yet to take a single test!


11 thoughts on “Nursery Wall Décor.

    1. They are posters. I will print them and frame them. And definitely post a finished product picture! Thanks lady! Hope you get good some good news about your eggs! Rest up!

  1. I love these. I also love that you’re not testing. Maybe that sounds weird because we’re all in such a test culture, but it’s good to take a break from it and give yourself the right amount of time. I DO HOPE that test shows a second line.

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