Uterine Charlie Horse…

So back in August when I was pregnant with our first sweet baby, I have a few early symptoms, that I didn’t know were symptoms. And one of them was what I would describe as a uterine Charlie horse.

I’m sure you all know what a Charlie horse, but incase you don’t, it is the worst. Seriously. I remember vividly in middle school, the night before a cross country meet, I was staying over at my friend K’s house(not the kenya visitor K, who by the way is starting CLOMID THIS WEEK!!! YAY FOR K! but a different K who I haven’t kept in touch with. Her dad was my high school cross country coach.) In the middle of the night, she jerked up right and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. Like, I thought someone had snuck in and stabbed her. Her dad ran in, and pulled the toe of her foot up, and it subsided. That was my first experience with Charlie-Horses. I since then have had quite a few, but luckily I knew what to do. Flex your foot, even though every part of your being wants to point, you flex like there is no tomorrow.

With in the first few months of being married to Joseph, I awoke in the middle of the night to a blood curdling scream. Seriously, a grown man screaming. He had never had a Charlie-Horse(how do you make it to 21 without ever experiencing a Charlie horse? I have no idea.) Once I groggily figured out what was happening, I told him to flex his foot. Calmly at first, but my volumed increase as his screaming continued. I’m not sure if he didn’t hear me, or didn’t believe me, so I reached down and pulled his toe up, and it subsided.

So I picture that in my uterus. That is what they are. It happened when I stretch in the middle of the night during early pregnancy, but more frequently in many different situations once I knew I was pregnant. If I stop that motion, it subsides instantly.

Last night, I think I had one. I think. Last night, I caught it so I didn’t experience the full on intensity. But we shall see. Testing Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Uterine Charlie Horse…

  1. Wow… I actually had that just a few minutes ago!!! I almost fell out of my office chair because it hurt so bad (not going to lie, my first instinct was “it’s gas”) but then I read this!!

    Good Luck to you, I hope this is a great sign!

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