A kiss is not a contract.

But it’s very nice. Very very nice.

I had some pink tinged CM tonight which means AF will be her tomorrow! yay! I am really looking forward to putting this whole process behind me. I’m not quite sure why. It still is painful to think that I’m not pregnant, and very likely will not be pregnant within the next 10 months. But I’m excited to get a bit of my life back. I’m excited to regain control of my emotions. I’m excited to start crossfit with Joseph(my RE didn’t want me trying it on ovulation stimulation drugs because if I had a lot of eggs, it puts me at an increased chance for twisted ovary.) I’m excited to book our trip to MEXICO for this summer. I’m excited to get some foster kiddos.

I’m so looking forward to fostering its perhaps a bit unreasonable. I know that foster care is supposed to be temporary, and there is a 75% chance every child we have in our home will go leave. But being able to love on a child, no matter how long, will be an improvement. PLUS…25% chance that baby stays with me.(if you recall, unexplained infertility gives you like a 2% unmedicated) that’s a huge improvement. I know there will be plenty of heart break in this journey as well. Probably compounded because I will love these kiddos so much, and then lose them, AND I’ll continue to not be pregnant.But I feel like the joy and happiness will much outweigh the sadness.

My friend who fosters, said she’d be surprised if our house wasn’t open and full of kiddos by the end of April! Holy cow! that’s like two months away! I’m overwhelmed and excited! I have lots to do.

We are likely going to schedule our first home consult for March 4th or 6th, depending on Joseph’s work situation. Our last class is this Saturday. Bring on the children!

5 thoughts on “A kiss is not a contract.

  1. You are amazing. You will be doing so much for these children, it will make a difference. And hopefully it will be for a permanent safe home. 🙂 I am very much looking forward to reading about how this goes!

  2. What a great thing you are doing. You are such a blessing to those kids you’ll take in.. Whatever the outcome, they will never forget you. What an incredible way to show the heart of God!

  3. Hi Hun, i’m so sorry your going through such an awful time! I 100% believe you will have your rainbow baby! You are gonna be an awesome foster mum too and i won’t stop praying for you and your little family and when you get your bfp i will be the biggest cheerer of them all! You’ll here me all the way from NZ! xx char

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