Cribs are purchased.

Well, I know I haven’t been super vocal about it, but AF was due on Sunday, and she didn’t show. I had tested Sunday with a FRER and it was a BFN, so I knew it was only a matter of time. But I have to admit, Monday came and went without ANY sign of her. Then Tuesday. And today, I was going to buy another FRER after work, but right before the boys woke up from nap, I went to the bathroom and there she was. UGH!

In my mind I KNEW that I wasn’t pregnant(three FRER’s told me so on 13dpo, 14dpo, and 16dpo.) But nonetheless, this morning I was googling “first bfp on 19dpo?” Her being late just allowed a little bit of hope to creep in. A little bit of miracle thinking to take root in my mind. I firmly believe that if God wanted to give Joseph and I a child, it could happen at anytime. It could be a late implanter, or an early implanter. Or an “I didn’t even think I had ovulated” situation. God is powerful. So I there was a small part of me that was hoping God was preforming a miracle. He very well may be, but this month wasn’t our month.

In other great news, we bought our cribs!!!!!!!!!! They should get here Monday and I can hardly wait! The only things we are REQUIRED to have is a bed/child, a carseat(but there is a window of time, you don’t need one before) and a place for clothing. So pretty much, besides the fact that we haven’t completed the homestudy(BUT WE’VE SCHEDULED IT FOR MARCH SIXTH!) we are ready.

I do need bottles though, and a couple more pair of pajamas, and then I’m good. Smile

In other depressing news, I need a new car.

7 thoughts on “Cribs are purchased.

    1. We are fostering, with hopes of adopting some kiddos through the foster care process. We have one more training on Saturday, then we just have to have our home approved, I’m thinking we’ll be open around may or June, but we said we’d take two children under two, so it may take time for a placement.

  1. I’m with you on the Dr. Google being my worst enemy!! I look to it for hope and then get mad when it’s wrong (not fair, I know but hey *shrugs*)

    Yay for cribs!!

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