Well…it’s been awhile.

I feel like it has been awhile since I’ve blogged. I have been keeping busy with a whole lotta nonsense. But our foster training is OVER!!! woo! Very excited about that. Our house isn’t open yet, but not more 9 hour Saturday meetings, which is very exciting.

I am currently cycle day five. If I’m being completely honest, after last cycle, I stopped taking all my medications. All of them. I was just so frustrated that every day I take 5+ pills(depend on where I am in my cycle) and it results in nothing. I took about two weeks off, but now I’m back on my prenatal vitamin, metformin*, and baby aspirin.

I do not have PCOS, however, my testosterone in on the high side of normal, so my RE put me on metformin. I’m going to stay on it for 3 nonmedicated cycles and see what it does for my cycle length. My average unmedicated cycle length is 35 days, if met could bring me down to say 31 days I would be THRILLED! So we shall see.

I have about 30 opks left over from my last purchase, I may start taking them around cd14. I think we’re going to bd every third(ish) day, and just see what happens. It will likely be nothing that happens.


4 thoughts on “Well…it’s been awhile.

  1. Good luck this cycle!!! I really hope this is the lucky month for you.
    What is next in your foster training if you’re done with classes? That’s awesome. Baby dust!!

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