God and His plans.

I am very confident God has kiddos already intended for our first placement. But, if he’s taking requests…

My sweet friend E who fosters in a different county called tonight saying that she has heard of 4 month old twin little bits being removed in a week. She is friends with their aunt(who has their older brother) so she’s got a bit of the inside scoop. Her friend asked if they’d take on two more boys, and she just couldn’t right now, but she mentioned that Joseph and I would be great.

Now here’s the issue, we aren’t open. There, in all likelihood, is no way we could be open by Monday. We have our home consult Thursday of this week, and apparently, the home study can take a good while to type up. Now E said they have approved families for Respite, and they’ve been respite provided for kiddos until they’ve been approved. It’s really just a work around the system, its when you’ve been approved but they haven’t had the time to type up the study.

So, we are going to have all our ducks in a row on Thursday(including medications locked up, knives out of reach, alcohol out of reach, etc) we also both have to get a phsyical. I emailed our homestudy worker about possible getting respite approved sooner. And will be telling our worker, that we are ready. We’ll have our cribs up and everything.

So here’s where we are. I would love nothing more than to have these kiddos in my house, and will do everything in my power to make that happen. But I am putting it all in Gods hands. If His will is for us to have these kiddos, I know it will happen.

Prayers are appreciated!


7 thoughts on “God and His plans.

    1. Thank you! They may very well not be meant for us, and that would be fine. But I want to make sure its not because we aren’t doing our part!

    1. Thanks lady! God may have a different plan for these kiddos, but I want to make sure that we have done everything we need to on our side to show Him we are ready for His will.

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