How to explain the unexplainable.

We have been lumped into this “diagnosis” of unexplained infertility for five months(unofficfolly for nine.) infertility of any kid is frustrating and devastating. And I’m not claiming any dx is worse than the other. But what I find so infuriating about unexplained is, the unexplained  may very well be explainable. Meaning we’re sitting here thinking there is no reason for our inability conceive, but with further invasive testing, we may be able to find our reason. However this further testing is intact a treatment. I stumbled upon this article on Unexplained Infertility which clarified quite a bit for me.

There are several issues unexplained could actually be.

1)It could infant be a form of male factor. The sperm appear normal on a slide under a microscope, but actually struggle to fertilize the egg.

2)It could be an egg issue. There are several issues here. Maybe the outside of the egg doesn’t harden fast enough, thus letting more than one sperm in resulting in infertility. Or maybe it is too hard in the first place, so it doesn’t let sperm in. Or maybe it let’s sperm in, but then hardens to the point that idevelopment multiplying.

How are these diagnosed? Through IVF. Though observing the fertilization of egg and sperm. So through IVF, we may actually get Some explanation or sorts.

The article also discusses how Expectant management is a valid form of treatment, stating that “Most patients with unexplained infertility will conceive within six to seven years.”(Unexplained Infertility) I had read read in another article is was three years, so this article stating its double that is a bit disheartening.

I have read numerous studies and scholarly articles on unexplained infertility(ya know the kind that take 45 minutes to read because they’re speaking what seems like a different language) and by far this is the best article I have read on explained infertility and it’s prognosis.


11 thoughts on “How to explain the unexplainable.

  1. I’m sure it’s extra frustrating having unexplained infertility. I would think there would always be that thought in the back of your mind that “maybe this cycle will be the cycle we get pregnant on our own”…..when in fact that might not be true, b/c like you said there may be other issues at hand.

  2. I remember how I felt when we were considered unexplained, it is horrible. Having some answers has given me hope, I completely understand where you are coming from and I hope that you get a solid diagnosis soon so you can move forward.

  3. So so so frustrating!! As a fellow “unexplainedee” I totally get it. It’s the worst cause in the back of my mind I’m always thinking, well it could happen… Which makes it even harder every month when it doesn’t. Hang in there.

    1. Exactly, it always COULD happen. But I have to guard my heart a bit knowing that is likely won’t.

    1. We’re at 22 months…I have seen in other articles that its 3 years. We’re done with treatment until at January, so it’ll be about 31 months then. Mainly so we can save to pursue treatment and not have to stop! But we’d have to take another year or so off before we could do IVF.

  4. I was in that category too, unexplained secondary infertility. After #1 my period just stopped… for years. While it is frustrating on the bright side they don’t need a diagnosis to treat (although you are like a lab rat since its trial and error) and I often hope that since they could never figure out what is was, maybe it will fix itself. Cheers.

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