Ikea haul.

Joseph and I went to Cincinnati this weekend to get away.we had lots if fun Saturday at Newport on the Levee then today we went to Ikea. We bought everything we needed, and many thin we wanted. It didn’t all fit in our car, so we’re driving the 100 miles home with our trunk tied down. Hopefully we make it home.


3 thoughts on “Ikea haul.

  1. You’re a little farther from Cincinnati than I am but that is where I did my IVFs and gave birth. I love Newport aquarium. We could meet up sometime if you would be comfortable with that.

  2. Love Ikea trips. We don’t have one locally either. If we fly I always bring an extra suitcase for my haul. I’ve become quite talented and fitting random ikea items into a suitcase. 🙂

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