Because I couldn’t wait another minute!

First of all, thanks to everyone of your all for all the sweet comments and tolerance of these posts. I know it may seem silly to make such a big deal out of a room for some foster kiddos, but all through our training they told us to treat these kiddos like they are our own. So I bought into it. I made a nursery like I would if we were expecting. I sewed and created unique elements I would if these were my forever kids. I invested time and money into this room, and I am so overwhelmed with appreciation that I have been given this opportunity. This opportunity to nest. I may never get the traditional nesting opportunity that many women get when they are pregnant, but screw tradition! Seriously, we are starting our family, we are going to be parents. We are going to parents to MANY, and I am so thankful for the opportunities we are going to have to love on these children and parent, and provide for them for however much time we are give with them.

I am ESPECIALLY thankful for Joseph. They say men become fathers the moment they see their child, but a woman becomes mother the moment she finds out she is pregnant. I think this very much applies to our lives. Both in the sense that we already have  a little one in heaven waiting for us, and in the fostering sense. I am all in, I am excited and giddy and nervous. Joseph is more nervous than anything. It is a difficult situation, and I know he is going to be an amazing father-figure to these kiddos. And he has been an AMAZING husband through this whole process. Letting me go all in on these kiddos, where it is easy to say that’ll we’ll just hold off until we actually have them.

So, without further ado, here’s our kiddo room.


This is our little corner. I envision reading books and bouncing children in this chair. This is the Pello chair from Ikea which I very much like. It has a slight bounce to it that will be nice when comforting children. The pillows are the Krakris from Ikea with a pillow case made by me. Also I found that cute giraffe bucket/bin at Home Good which we will use for toy storage.WP_20140322_002 (1)


Here is on of the buntings I made. It says skidamarink a dink a dink. The lamp is the Kajuta lamp from Ikea. WP_20140322_003

Here is our Ikea Expedit book case. We bought the four by four in white. I have heard that they are discontinuing the Expedit series, which is a sad day.  We also purchase the Drona boxes in turquoise, which we will use for clothes and toy storage. I am picturing a couple of the shelves full of books, the bottom four for toys, and the bins will be used for other thingsWinking smile. Currently it is staged with my stacking rings, abacus(we parent heavy on math, that happens when a math teacher and computer engineer get married) and some blocks. But fully expect it to be a jumbled mess, and can hardly wait.


Here you can see the door and closet, along with another bunting I made. It says skida marink a doo. Do you see where we’re going with this?

WP_20140322_007Here is our crib wall. The bunting says “I love you”. And in the left corner you can barely see the khaki colored giraffe bucket/bin that coordinates with the giraffe one, once again bought a Home Goods.The cribs are Storkcraft Mission Ridge which is actually different from what we ordered. But I think the discontinued the one we had ordered so they gave us a free upgrade. The only real difference was the one we ordered didn’t have the solid wood on the back, but really it’s no big deal. I did buy inexpensive Wal-Mart cribs. But not only because they were cheap. They where simple and clean which was important to me. But also, I have seen so many kiddos gnaw all over their cribs, to the point that they don’t make it to kid #2, so this is exactly what we would have done for a birth child of ours.WP_20140322_008

Here’s a shot on the inside of our cribs. It is the same cushion from Ikea, along with a homemade pillowcase. We also have an Ikea Gurli throw in each crib. Which we will remove if their age makes it unsafe. Our sheets are from Target, is the Circo Elephant Silhouette fitted crib sheet. I had actually purchase Premier Prints Gisella in True Turquoise (the girraffe fabric) to make some sheets out of, but silly me, I didn’t read closely enough and they are a medium weight fabric thus not soft and comfy for sheets. But I have enough left over, I may make a big ole floor pillow. I also made the crib skirts. They are a natural linen blend. They very much match the cushion on the corner chair, and the giraffe bucket/bin.WP_20140322_009

Then above the right crib are these posters I showed you all in a Nursery Wall Décor. Framed in the Ikea Nyttja frame.WP_20140322_011The reflection here is really bad, but once again, these are the posters I posted in my previous post in the same Ikea frames.WP_20140322_013Here is our Ikea Lack table in high gloss turquoise. I love that it is the exact right height for a toddling little one to stand up next to, and fully anticipate “hacking” this to be a duplo/lego table soon. The white curtains are also from Ikea, they’re the Vivan curtains in white. I can not stress how great of a deal they are! Seriously. We debated in Ikea between white, their turquoise or grey, but in the end I’m glad we went with White.WP_20140322_012

And here is a whole wall version.



I love you.

I love you in the morning.

And in the afternoon.

I love you in the evening.

And underneath the moon.




I love you.


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