End of cycle 22

Cycle twenty of trying to conceive our first born is coming to an end. I have taken four pregnancy tests(three frer) and all have been negative. I’m 13 dpo today, and I believe my non medicated LP is 15 days, but we’ll see.

We will be going back to the RE this cyxle(so much for that ten month break!) and be trying a clomid iui. I believe she will do a split dosage of 150, 150, 100, 100, 100. So the first two days will be 150, the last three at 100. I’m going to ask about doing the mini hcg shots between follicle scan and trigger shot BC I don’t want one follicle to pull ahead on dominance(which mine generally do.) If I get my period Friday, our iui will likely be two ish weeks from that day.we’re going to be picky with the iui, meaning I want a thick lining and these follicles.

also at our RE appt, I’m going to ask about injectables. I’m cool with trying one or two iuis on clokid, but we know clomid things my lining(even with many eggs producing estrogen and estrogen patches.) she is going to put me on a larger dose of estrogen. At that point will also enter the IVF talk on my part. Not that I’m ready to bump into IVF. But I want to think cost effective. If an injectable iui cycle runs me a couple of grand, I don’t want to end up six iuis later, emptywombed, and having paid enough for an ivf cycle. So its about likelihood of success and cost.


8 thoughts on “End of cycle 22

  1. We are also in that IUI/IVF cost effective faster treatment area. I really didn’t think I’d get to this point but here I am. So you are looking to get more than one follicle for the IUI? I was always under the impression we should avoid a chance for multiples. Just curious.

    1. My re said for unexplained infertility the treatment is more eggs, and for my age that’s 2-3 eggs. But also more sperm which is what the iui will do.

      1. Hmm. It’s interesting to me when I hear so many different protocols for seemingly the same thing. I think even the REs don’t quite know what will work. Or maybe just mine.

  2. I read from another blogger just recently about a clomid like drug that thickened her lning and worked really well for ovulation but I can’t remember what it’s called; might be something to ask RE about. Good luck!

    1. Ooo! That does sound very interesting. I’ve tried leteozole/femaea, it kept my lining nice and fluffy, but didn’t increase my follicle number which is the entire reason I’m on these drugs. I o on my own every month, but my RE wants me to have 2-3 eggs. But I definitely will ask if there are any alternatives.

  3. I feel like we are in the exact same spot as you. Doing 1 more clomid IUI, but I’m slightly considering an IUI + injectibles cycle. Looking forward to hearing more about which way you choose to go.

  4. clomid thinned out my lining too. I then did letrozole with injectables. it kept my lining fluffy, and my follicles grew! with my age, i’m doing all injectables this cycle. good luck!!!

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