How to POAS.

When you are a POAS addict and infertile, there are two common sense techniques you should employ when peeing on a stick.

(Photo Credit)

1. Pee in a cup. These little highlight disposable shot glasses are my preference. They’re narrow enough to not require all of my urine, and deep enough to dip the stick in completely. Pee in a cup, so if there is a questionable result, you will be able to recreate.

2. Wipe first. Pee in a cup, then wipe. This generally saves me at least one test. Ya know the whole “My period is due any second, every test has been negative, but maybe there is still a chance.” If after you wipe there is no blood, or pink tinged cm, open your stick and dunk away.

Today at 15 dpo, I followed number 1, but not number two. I dunked my stick super eagerly. Wiped and found pink tinged cm. That was a waste of $4(it was a kroger brand blue dye.)


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