Tonight cd4, I start clomid. I will be alternating between 100mg and 150mg for the next five days. I am NOT looking forward to this. It has been a wonderful 3 months off of clomid(minus the not producing more follicles.) Being able to predict my emotions, temperature, and cervical mucus has been amazing.

But even though clomid sucks, I am so hopeful for this cycle. We conceived on clomid back in July, with one follicle. Statistically speaking, we should have had about a 3% chance of that. With Clomid and IUI, we should be at about a (conservative) 9% chance. That is THREE TIMES the chance. And that makes me hopeful.


10 thoughts on “Hopeful.

    1. Clomid is totally worth it. It gives me a better chance at getting my baby here! I can’t WAIT to hear your news, I just feel like this is your month lady. (and I’m hoping you get twinks ;))

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