What’s breaking the bank this cycle.

Everyone know TTC is expensive, well, that’s a lie. TTC with infertility is expensive. There are tests, meds, hormones, injections, u/s, sperm wash, IUI, IVF, and I could go on.

With all that being said, we have decided to make sure we are perfect for this cycle. My goal is a lining of 8.5mm… I know I said 7.5, but I really think I could get an 8.5. So, knowing this cycle is costing us bukoos of money, I think it would be worth the extra investment to do some extra supplements, juices, and teas.

So last night, I had to to go to WalMart bc they only gave me ten clomid pills when I needed 12. So I decided to pick up a few things. I got gummy vitamin C chews(eh, this is my first gummy vitamin, I’m not entirely sold.) I bought some bcomplex vits. Red raspberry leaf tea. and FREAKING ELEVEN DOLLARS A BOTTLE POMEGRANATE JUICE! I’m mean seriously people? $11 for 6 servings? For some reason that seemed outrageous to me. And I wasn’t going to buy it. Luckily Joseph was there to say “let’s just do it.” so I did. The worst thing about it is, it tastes just ok.

And I had a dream last night about my follie scan(which is in 6 days 4/8) and my RE quickly wanded her way up to looking at my ovaries, and I had three, then I asked about my lining, and she said it was a 9.5!!! and she went back up to look at my ovaries, and there was a fourth follicle. So our cycle was canceled….Ugh praying this does not happen. 2-3 follicles nice and fluffy lining.


2 thoughts on “What’s breaking the bank this cycle.

    1. I am already on a baby aspirin once a day, and I’ve read(online of course, not in medical journals by any means) that you shouldn’t do both. But I do LOVE pineapple.

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