Please no LH surge today.

I’m sick. Like throwing up while on the toilet. I have chills, a headache and body aches. My stomach hurts so bad it woke me up at 3:30, and has kept me up. I peed on an opk this morning, and I was so dehydrated, my urine was brown, and about a quarter of an ounce. I called out of work, Joseph came home on lunch and brought me Gatorade and Sonic ice water and made me Jello.

today should be a bd day for the whole timed intercourse as a back up. That’s not happening. And I’m praying so hard no surge happens either.

also, I just want to chug water. Really bad. I think this may be food poisoning.


6 thoughts on “Please no LH surge today.

  1. Sorry you’re so sick, that sounds miserable!!! I’ve never had food poisoning (I knocked on wood as I typed that), but my husband has and it sounds exactly like what he had! Hope you get to feeling better soon…don’t even stress about the timed intercourse. Just focus on getting better and resting.

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