Uh oh…Did I miss it?

So, none of these are positives.WP_20140410_001

The far left is two days ago, middle is yesterday, and far right is today(with the farthest right the most recent) So…did I miss it? I called an scheduled my repeat follicle exam, and told them that I expect to go positive in the next 24 hours. she said if I do, to call in and they’ll have me come in for the IUI, if I don’t, I have my follicle scan tomorrow at 3:45. And I suppose if I’ve already surged, I likely have ovulated, which means we won’t see any follicles. So who knows. This stupid food poisoning really mucked things up for us this cycle because we haven’t dtd since monday. So…if I’ve already surged and ovulated, this month is a wash.


13 thoughts on “Uh oh…Did I miss it?

    1. I tested like 6 times yesterday, but the day before I was so dehydrated I had to force myself to pee. Oh well, if I missed it, it over with, there is nothing I can do now.

  1. Why are they making you take opks? When I did iuis they made me have blood draws with my follicle scans and when the estrogen was high enough and the follies looked juicy, they would have me trigger and then do the iui. Not trying to question your dr here, I’m just curious. Seems it might take some stress off of you.

    1. I’m not sure why my re doesn’t do blood draws, but she doesn’t. I went in Tuesday for my follow scan and she wanted to see me on Friday to make sure we were good to go. But ny follies were already at 18’s so she told me to opk and if I went positive to call and they’d schedule an iui the next day. I’m going in for my followup follow scan this afternoon, at which time I’m assuming we’ll trigger tonight and iui Sunday.

    1. I know, I sometimes get like super-no-body-could-doubt-this-positive OPKS, and sometimes I just get really close to positive. I’ve tried the digital monthly pack, but I screwed it up like 4 days into it and the reader broke. So…I mainly like triggering and monitoring. Lol

  2. These strips kill me. I swear to god they are made to be difficult just to drive us even further into crazy town.

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