Clomid crazy

I’ve been dealing pretty well this month with clomid. Until tonight. Survivor season two episode thirteen. They voted off Kentucky Joe. And I sobbed. I mean ugly crying sobbed.

other news, my uterus feels crampy. I’m only 3dpo, bur something resonated with me at our iui Sunday. My re said “the uterus is a potential space.” so anything, even one wee little egg(or maybe two) could hopefully possibly register something.


12 thoughts on “Clomid crazy

    1. Me too! Good luck to you lady! wouldn’t it be wonderful if we both ended up with our BFPs this cycle?

    1. Woof, in addition to crying at a 14 year old survivor episode, I cried in the mall. Clomid kicked my butt this month.

      1. Haha I spoke too soon!! Days 4 and 5 gave me two meltdowns about stupid things…and the last night I had insomnia, which meant I felt the full effects of the stomach upset from the Clomid AND the bromocriptine I take for my pituitary gland, and had a third subsequent meltdown over that. Woof. We crazy women. 😀 Are you faring any better? Thinking of you!

      2. RIGHT?! It was so friggin’ weird too. Because I figured between the Clomid and the bromo (for which one side effect is the probability of falling asleep in the middle of doing something, it makes you that tired), I’d sleep soundly—and I did! The first few nights I slept like a log. Then all of a sudden I woke up early the 4th night and couldn’t sleep the 5th! WTF! 😡

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