Raise your hand if you want to poas.

Both mine are in the air. 7dpo. I had some INTENSE pain today after our Easter brunch, and feeling a little crampy. And I want to pee on so many sticks. I don’t have any. I’m going to buy two three packs of FRER tomorrow after work. I’ll pee on Tuesday morning 9dpo. I know that’s early, but I just feel like this has been our best chance yet, so I’m cautiously hopeful.


12 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you want to poas.

  1. I am raising both of my hands, too… But I’m only 6dpo!!! Last cycle I ordered a 3 pack of the Clear Blue digitalis and made a deal with myself not to test on my cheapies or run to the drugstore until they arrived. It would have put me at about 12 dpo , but I didn’t make it that far, as AF showed on 10/11 dpo, I’m planning to wait until 12 dpo again if I make it that far!!! Keep us posted!

    1. I think part of my problem is I always pee in a cup and dunk my stick, so if I have a questionable result, I just bust out another test and dunk away.

    1. haha, I was all like “I’m not going to test out the trigger, I’ll just poas when I KNOW the trigger is out” because, ya know, I can sense it?! I’m an idiot who should have tested out the trigger!

      1. My walmart has a three pack for $12.98 with a dollar off coupon on the box. So I always get them there. My Kroger has a two pack for $19 though. Woof!

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