Um…What the crap! I hate triggers

I had plan to POAS today. Until I woke up at 3:00am with my bladder full. I tried to just fall back asleep, but at 3:40 I lost my battle with the bladder and peed. I woke up at 6:50(Joseph turned off his alarm and over slept.) Peed in my cup, and POAS. I am 9dpiui, 11(.5) days past triggerWP_20140422_004

and tweaked.


So, now I can only wait, hold my breath, and PRAY this is actually a baby, and not the residual trigger. Why do I do this? Oh, and my trigger was only 5000.


15 thoughts on “Um…What the crap! I hate triggers

  1. Well…I hope it’s a baby too, but your trigger was bigger than mine and mine JUST left my system sometime between 9 and 11 days past trigger. But test again in two days! If it’s darker it’s for real!

      1. I could maybe call, but I feel like my RE wouldn’t like to hear I was testing early. She seems to be by the book, and she told me to wait til Sunday.

    1. I’m so nervous and hesitant. I hate the fact the waiting. I guess I just need to assume its trigger for a bit of self preservation.

  2. I’m sure it’s impossible to do at this point, but all you can do is put it out of your mind and wait until tomorrow’s test. If it’s darker it’s b/c your pregnant, if it’s lighter it means today’s positive was b/c of your trigger…..really hoping it’s b/c your pregnant…..even if it’s lighter you’ve still got a few more days until you’re out. Thinking of you!! XOXO

  3. I had to wait until 11 DPtrigger (ovidrel) for it to be gone with a FRER. I actually thought my first bfp was the trigger and I remember sighing and wishing it was real. Something told me to test again in the afternoon and it was clearly darker so I realized it was for real. Good luck!

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