Beta #2

13dpiui (3w6d) 109! So we’re pregnant, and doubling appropriately. She said they would have liked 70-80. So way to go above and beyond BabuMics! BC of our previous miscarriage, she wants me to have another beta done this Friday. Which will be 4w5d. Then we’ll have an ultrasound at six weeks and change, seven weeks and change, and eight weeks and change. After that I’ll graduate to an on. I’m thinking of jumping ship, as far as obs go. But I’m not certain.


13 thoughts on “Beta #2

    1. We are waiting on the cabinet to finish writing our home study. We are still opening our home for two kiddos, just waiting on the government, so who knows wen it’ll be. I plan on calling Monday and following up.

    1. Yes, I feel like my OB is like a crazy birthing machine. I researched others a bit, and it seems like they are all like that.

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