Job offer quandry

School 1. Small private school I have been substituting at all year. This position would be a full time, but made of two part times. I would do part time middle school math, and part time librarian. This school is 20 minutes from my house, hours are 7:45-2:30. I know the teachers, administration, and kids.

School 2. Local public high school. 12 minutes from my house. Not certain the subjects I would be teaching. I really like the principal, and the seem open to letting me challenge my students. I had an interview with them yesterday, it went well, but they are interviewing more candidates over the next two weeks. Salary is 128% of school 1’s salary. Hours are 8:45-3:45(I would have to stay until probably 4:15.)

Big District. I have signed a conditional offer of employment from big district . This essentially means that they will hire me, but they’re not certain which school. Which initially I was fine with, until I really think about how some schools are 50+ minutes from my house. Plus the HR guy told me to expect 12+ hour days. With two new foster kiddos(who we can hardly wait for) and a baby coming in January, that seems daunting. This 144% of School 1’s salary. Hours are 7:40-2:40, but with a possible 50 minute commute.

So…What to do? To put into perspective I made 15% of school 1’s salary this year, and we were fine. So, money doesn’t super matter, but the whole reason I’m going back to work is to make money to pay off our second mortgage, and buy me a new(to me) car. It’d also be nice if I could some how get enough to finish at least PART of our basement.

In terms of stress, School 2 I feel like would bring the most stress. Then Big District, then school 1. So, opinions? If had a solid offer from school 2, which would you choose? Also, conditional offer of employment, I can back out of that right?


7 thoughts on “Job offer quandry

  1. Since money doesn’t matter, I’d definitely go with school 1. Sounds like a no brainer with 2 foster kids and a baby on the way.

  2. I agree with Jen, above. I’d go with school 1. Less hours, less commute time, less stress. A longer commute would eat into the extra money you will be bringing home too. That’s awesome to have such great options, though!

  3. That’s tough. I work at a private school, and my salary is about a little more than 1/2 of my public school counterparts , loosely. But I love where I work. I wouldn’t want to leave to go to public school, even though they pay more. If money isn’t an issue, go where you will be happiest! It’s so important to have a good work environment and to be doing something that doesn’t make your life harder!

  4. Well, it’s your choice of course but since you are pregnant and bringing 2 more children in to care for, the less stress the better. Sounds like you will have plenty of stress at home. 😉 (but in a good way) So, school one is least stressful to you, 20 minutes isn’t bad at all for a commute and if money isn’t the main issue…..

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