Maternity Shorts

Our first summer married I bought a cute pair of gap shorts. Size 6(did I mention it was like two weeks after I got married, that wedding diet paid off!) I wore them all summer and loved them. I’m not one to like short shorts, so these were perfect. The next summer, I was able to fit in them, but not freshly laundered. Our third married summer I majorly muffin topped in them quite a bit a few times. So now that is it approaching our fourth summer married, and I’m knocked up, there is NO WAY I could fit into these shorts. So today, I made my first pair of maternity shorts. I know, I’m only 8 weeks, but I couldn’t fit into them anymore anyways, and I’m SUPER bloated. I can definitely see myself living in these. I chose to do a green band because I love this color green, and I didn’t have any neutral colors. So here they are.WP_20140526_001WP_20140526_002WP_20140526_003WP_20140526_004WP_20140526_005WP_20140526_006 

Perfect fit for a growing summer belly. The band is super long, so I’ll definitely trim it down sum, but for now, they’re a wonderful option.


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