All is good in this baby oven. I had a smidge of pink cm yesterday, but none since, so I’m not super worried about it. I’ve been hanging out at our neighborhood pool all week. All day. Well not all day, like 12-4 ish. Don’t worry I’m using sunscreen. Most of the nausea has subsided, but I’m still taking diclegis, so it could be that, but who knows.

So cravings have been kicking my butt. I want thanksgiving dinner. I want gas station nachos(I just drove to the gas station to get gas station nachos, but I want more.) I want egg nog. I want juicy fruits(and all I have are bananas.)

but the good news is that my birthday is on Sunday. And if the weather is nice on Monday, Joseph is taking off work and we’re going to holiday world, where they just so happen to serve thanksgiving dinner in thanksgiving land or whatever its called.


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