Breast Pump

I know I have posted about being confused about breast feeding or bottle feeding. But several people had told me to call insurance to see if they covered a breast pump. For some reason I was very hesitant to call, thinking there was no way they would. Well, they do. at 100%. An electric double pump, I just need to get my ob to write a prescription for one. I have two choices, Medal in style personal advanced, or Ameda purely yours. Neither are the one that I thought I wanted, but free is better than $400. This made me super happy, and relieved. Because we also got our “ob budget” this week. How come every other health care situation, they bill insurance first, and then us? But the ob wants us to pay in advanced for our delivery? And my due date is 2015, so naturally the number was much larger than I had wanted it to be. I called my insurance and they were like “you need to have that baby 4-5 days early.” I know! ugh!

Any who, 15 weeks today. I don’t really feel much different. I really don’t have a bump, people say they see bumps, but I promise you, that is just chub I had before. I guess at the end of the day, I probably have one. I’m still –6 pounds. So who knows. This week I have started to be able to feel my uterus all the time(it use to be just when I was laying on my belly.) We find out the gender in 12 days!!! Eeeek! I can hardly wait. I think it’s a girl. Joseph thinks it is a girl. We have our girl name(first and middel) picked out, but recently I threw out another option for the “nickname” of her. Joseph isn’t sold. I really like our initial nickname, but I also really like the new one. Who knows. We have our boy first name picked out. I think we may have a middle name, but just because I like it, and Joseph would settle. Either way, we are so overwhelming grateful for this little(maybe as big as 4.5 inches long) life growing inside of me.


5 thoughts on “Breast Pump

  1. That’s awesome that your insurance covers your breast pump!!! I can’t believe you’re getting to find out the gender so early! I’m jealous, still have 4 more weeks to go. Can’t wait to see if your girl guess is right!!! 🙂

  2. I need to check our my insurance options too as I know a breast pump is covered. I’m a bit jealous you find out the gender on 12 days…I still have 32! Can’t wait to hear what you are having! 🙂

  3. Check the reviews online. I’m thinking I’m gonna go with the big Medela kit. I’m taking my choice in on my next visit so well see what the dr says about my choice then I guess. Ps. Hurry up 12 days!!!!

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