Where’s my bump.(pregnancy whining, so avoid if necessary)


Where is my bump? Its silly of me to want one. I’m only 15 weeks with my first baby, but I’m starting to feel super anxious. Mainly because, I’ve been bigger. In this pregnancy I’ve been bigger. So I’m panicking thinking my body is resorbing baby, and that’s why my bump is getting smaller. So here are most of my “bump” pictures all directly above or below today. You can see that seems to have maxed out in bloat around 8 weeks. But even 11 is pretty good in terms of belly. Who knows. Hopefully one day soon it’ll become a bump. I know it doesn’t seem to matter much. But right now, I function every day as I normally would. So I have no indication that I am pregnant besides the lack of period, and the occasional(like once every two weeks) bout of nausea. And because apparently they don’t make at home ultrasounds yet(I’m sure our children will have that luxury) I need some sign, some constant sign that shows me I’m pregnant and baby is growing well. I didn’t get a doppler because I feel like that leaves too much room for error(and panic if I can’t find it.) So until I can feel movement, a bump would suffice.

6bumponly - Copy6 weeks barely pregnant.(above) 15 weeks (below)15

(15weeks above) 7 (weeks below)7bumponly - Copy

8bumponly - Copy

8 weeks (above) 15 weeks (below)


15 weeks(above) 9 weeks (below)

9bumponly - Copy

10bumponly - Copy

10 weeks(above) 15 weeks(below)


15 weeks (above) 11 weeks (below)

11bumponly - Copy


10 thoughts on “Where’s my bump.(pregnancy whining, so avoid if necessary)

  1. It may be the close you’re wearing! When I wear my jean capris that still fit and a tee you would just think I’m chubby. A pair of yoga pants and a tank and it’s way more obvious. As for feeling more pregnant I feel the same way! Starting around 18 weeks when I laid down I could feel kicks. Now I can feel them when I sit on the couch but nothing consistent.

  2. I don’t think it’s silly to want a bump OR feel anxious. You can’t help wanting to be sure the baby is doing great! But I also found my bump could fluctuate week to week / day to day based on how that week had been, what I’d eaten etc. it wasn’t til gone 20 weeks a decent pregnancy bump finally appeared! So hang in there …. It’ll come back soon enough 🙂

  3. My 15 week bump looks smaller than last week for some reason, but I found the heartbeat on the Doppler this morning so I’m not too worried, though it is a bit disconcerting. You’ll have your bump soon! I think you look great!!

  4. I totally understand the need for a bump. My sil is 15 weeks pregnant and her bump looks like your current bump. I think you are just filling out differently. Xoxoxo

  5. Don’t know what to tell u about the bump. I think I remember feeling like mine was shrinking but I had a doppler and I LOVED it. Sonoline b and it worked amazing. I even used it on 3 of my cousins and found all their babies ranging from about 10 weeks to 19. I started using at 8.5.

  6. I wish I had even that much of a bump been waiting for one for years now im finally pregnant 21 weeks and have only gained 3lbs and have hardly anything to show for it. At first I was worried but my midwife said everyone is different and that as long as baby is measuring on track to just keep eating healthy so we will see hopefully I will pop here soon!

  7. Just remember, bloat and bump are sooo different!! I think you look just fine! A lot of the bloat is supposed to go away the after the first tri when you’re finally used to everything so it seems right on target.

  8. I didn’t get a bump until 16-20 weeks. And still sometimes it looks so small that people seriously tell me they are judging me because I’m so small at 25 weeks. So I completely get wanting a bump! But all that matters is baby is growing and healthy! Can’t wait to find out if you’re having a boy or girl!

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