Gender scan

We had our 16 week appt and our gender scan today. Joseph made it in time for the appointment. So we’re sitting there and she found the heart beat right away, and Joseph is nodding his head to the beat with a big grin on his face. It was sweet. The biller at our obs said to talk to the Dr about inducing in December, BC its only a few days, but its a $2500 difference. So I brought it up, she said they’re open to doing it anytime after 39 weeks as long as baby and I look ready.

at our gender scan baby was moving like crazy. And just had a sweet demeanor about it. We’re having a sweet baby BOY! Both Joseph and I thought girl, but we are so thankful for this baby.


12 thoughts on “Gender scan

    1. They aren’t inducing me, yet. They just said they’d be willing to consider it after 39 weeks if everything looks ok with baby and me. And it’s be mainly for insurance purposes, so financial. It is a huge difference(several $1000s) because we’ve already met our deductible, and are close to out out of pocket max for the year. If my baby isn’t ready, or my body isn’t ready, we won’t, but it was a huge sigh of relief to hear that they were WILLING to consider it.

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