Saying goodbye

This time last year, all I wanted was a job. I wanted a teaching job somewhere. 355 days ago we found out we were pregnant. 344 days ago I started bleeding. If I had a job, I would have been starting my job somewhere between 344 and 355 days ago. There is no way I could have taught. If you recall, I could barely function. I have had the last 14 months free from the stress of a teaching job. And yes, teaching is immensely stressful.

In the last 14 months, I have dealt with loss. I have become a better wife. I have focused on being a great friend and great sister. I have sewn and created whenever I wanted. I have slept as long as my healing heart needed. I have cried all throughout the day some days. I have rewatched the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy several times. I have knitted stockings. I have watched and rewatched the entire (new) series of Doctor Who. I have loved my husband and given him all of me. I have greeted him at the door (most) days with a smile, hug, kiss, and an I love you. I have baked all sorts of yummy creations.

I. Have. Had. Time.

Tomorrow is my first “duty” of the school year. So I am starting to say goodbye to my free time. I am excited for this school year. I am excited to be teaching at the small private school. I am excited to be working. I am excited to have a regular pay check.(!!!!)

It’s going to be an adjustment. I am nervously excited.


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