Bump pics

I have a couple of bump pics to share. They aren’t super bumpy, but it is hard. So it’s a baby.WP_20140726_001

17 weeks, top down.


17+3 side view.

I had a lunch with work people today. I subbed a lot at this school last year, so most of them know me, and they just kept saying how little I was and how tiny I am. I have to admit, it was nice to hear. I’ve never considered myself tiny. I’m pretty normal. But to hear those words knowing I’m almost half way through this pregnancy, it was nice to hear. I know I’m going to get big, and I am excited for that, but I think gaining weight is hard for any women. I am back up to pre-pregnancy weight. I was down 6 lbs for a good while, but I’m back up to normal weight. Which is good because I believe baby Boy Michels weighs about a half pound.

I’m not really feeling movements. I mean, I may be, but I can’t tell yet. I am pinning like crazy, and all I can say is my boy is going to wear cardigans like it’s his job. I LOVE cardigans. I love them. And they are so sweet and easy to make.

Have I mentioned on here that my little town is getting an outlet mall. It opens in two days. Thankfully, we’re broke right now, so I won’t be going until I get a pay check. I should preface, we’re not broke, but we did pay off all the medical bills (creating this child, ER visit, etc) which has made things tight for the next month or so. But it is nicer than having these looming debts. So we paid those, but now we can’t buy for baby. Like I have known baby is a boy for almost a week, and I haven’t bought one thing.

Honestly, I have known baby was a baby for 13 weeks, and haven’t bought one thing. I’ve MADE a lot (burp cloths, cute footed pants, a hoodie, hooded towel, homemade appliqued gown.) but I haven’t purchased anything. My mom bought us our first little outfit. It was before we knew the gender. It’s just a yellow striped footed pajama. It was 98 cents at a consignment store. But it’s sweet. Super bright, not faded or anything.

We registered at Babies R Us this past weekend, I plan on going and doing target soon. I know it’s probably early, but my friend is throwing us a shower in September, and when August gets here, my life is going to get MUCH busier, so I’d rather finish the registering now. I’ll likely have to go and update it, or add things in, as we’re still five months out, but the bulk of it will be done.


4 thoughts on “Bump pics

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with a September baby shower! I kind of thought it was too early but since two of our showers will be 4+ hours away I didn’t want to travel too late into the pregnancy. I can’t believe you haven’t bought anything yet!

  2. WOW, not 1 thing?? My husband made me promise when we get pregnant that I wouldn’t buy anything until after our shower….I’m not sure I can agree to that! LOL. Love the bump pics, too cute!

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