Following up.

Thank you all for the support and responses to my previous post. I fully believe we have to advocate for our best care, and adding in the care of my baby boy, and it has upped my belief that much more. Today I called my OB’s office and left a message saying that I would like to speak to my ob about this. I feel like everyone’s goal at my ob’s is to keep me from speaking to an actual doctor.

In addition I called Dr. Archer, my RE, and asked the secretary if this had ever been noted in my file, and she looked and said it hadn’t, but also said she had never heard of one, and asked how it was diagnosed. I told her they did a visual exam and noted something looked off, but when they did the u/s the techs concluded based on blood flow that it was likely a varicose vein. She said to fax over the u/s report and she’d have Dr. Archer take a look.

Additionally, I called my friend who is a pediatric NP. Clearly, not an ob np. But I wanted someone who could read medical jargon better than me to look at that article and tell me I wasn’t make a mountain out of a molehill. She also dealt with infertility, and she read it and called me on her way home from work. She said “If I was in your position, I would demand to see a high risk ob.” She also told me I don’t need a referral, just call one up and ask for an appt.

Today I felt like a cheater. Contact my RE while technically under my ob’s care. All those feelings were negated when my ob called me at 3:03pm and didn’t leave a message. My phone was upside down on silent in front of me. I returned the call to the office(just a general outgoing line shows up) waited on hold for 15 minutes to speak to my care teams coordinator who checked the logs and concluded that it was Dr.T who called me, and she thought she probably left for the week, but she’d leave a message that I returned her call. WHO DOESN’T LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR A WORRIED PREGNANT MOM? my OB, that’s who…


5 thoughts on “Following up.

  1. Good job making all those phone calls. I’m glad at least your RE is going to look at things. Maybe it’s not a varicole vein. Maybe it’s something else, but definitely you’re on the right track pursuing a second opinion.
    My OB’s office where I went yesterday for thyroid blood work went through the whole spiel about hospitals and the doctors who deliver there. She said once I choose a hospital, then I can meet the doctor who delivers and I wondered why I can’t meet a doctor ahead of time. Your OB’s office sounds like the same as mine. I still have a few weeks to mull over if I’m going to use them as an OB. They work as a GYN but I might want to see a doctor all the time instead of the NP.

  2. I am glad you made all those calls. I hate that they don’t take things as seriously as we do when we are worried about out babies. Sorry you have to experience this.

  3. If I remember right, you live somewhere around cincinnati right? Maybe I’m just making that up. I never know anymore because my brain = fried. lol. But if you are around the area, I would recommend Tri State Maternal Fetal Medicine. I went there during my pregnancy with Tru and I mostly liked them. They are high risk of course. I had to drive a long way there but it was worth it.

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