No phone calls.

I had a call in to both my ob and re. My REs office called me this morning telling me my obs office sent the u/s from June 3rd instead of the one that I asked for by date (July 30.) so I called the medical records lady and left a message asking her to fax over the correct report and call me when she did. She faxed it over around noon, so hopefully my RE will call me tomorrow. My ob didn’t even try to call me today. I’ll give her til tomorrow. Really I don’t care what she says, just giving her a chance to redeem her office. My REs opinion is the one I care I about, so hers will greatly influence everything.


One thought on “No phone calls.

  1. Sorry you didn’t get your call. Neither did I. I had my beta drawn stat at 10am and still haven’t heard anything : ( I hope you get the news you are looking for.

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