Baby Buy and Cervix Update

Last week, I finally got a call from my obs office, everything is fine with my cervix, I shouldn’t worry about anything. So I decided to drop it until I was in person with my ob. So then Monday, my ob’s scheduler calls and asks if I am able to schedule my colopscopy and cervical biopsy. The last I had heard, that was mentioned post partum by my ob, but hen I had the u/s and met with her np, and the np said no big deal, we may do one post partum. But now my ob wants to do one now.

So on Monday, I have three appointments. In the morning I have a maternal heart u/s with the cardiologist. Around lunch I have our fetal heart echo/anatomy scan. Then in the afternoon, we’ll do the cervical colopscopy and biopsy.

In other news, I bought Calvin his first thing. Ya know 20 weeks pregnant, and I’ve finally made a buy.

 Just One You™Made by Carter's® Newborn Boys' Long-sleeve Cardigan - Grey

I love cardigans.


7 thoughts on “Baby Buy and Cervix Update

    1. Who even knows at this point. Lol. I asked the scheduler if she was biopsying the varicose vein(which seems like a bad idea) and she said yes. But who really knows. I haven’t been able to get any clear answers from anyone BC each time I’m talking to a different person, so in really just going to ask all my questions to my ob Monday.

      1. Oh, varicose. I think I said varicole. Whatever. You knew what I meant.

        Either way, good luck with everything. Monday is a big day. Cute buy. 🙂

  1. Have you ever had a colposcopy and biopsy done? I have. My advice would be to NOT look at the screen when they biopsy if you don’t like blood. (lessen learned haha). But it is kinda cool to see your cervix up close and personal. Otherwise, it’s fairly low key compared to everything else infertility puts you through. Just a slight pinch and it’s over with.

    1. I haven’t had a colposcopy or biopsy before. I think I’ve decided to ask them to wait on the biopsy. The area of concern is supposedly a varicose vein, and the risk of it bleeding excessively make me to nervous. So I’ll probably ask her to wait until post partum to do the biopsy.

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