Cervix, Calvin, and heart update.

So today I had my colposcopy (microscope view of my cervix.) My ob got in there, and rubbed the vinegar solution on my cervix, and it started bleeding. Profusely bleeding. Like spent ten minutes changing out “sponges” to get it to wear she was comfortable. She wasn’t even able to really get a good look. She doesn’t think it is cancer, but wants has referred me to an ob oncologist(who I’m supposed to meet with in the next two weeks) who sees cancer everyday to be sure. I asked her, if this bleeding just by being touched, had an implication on delivery. She said that if this continues, she’ll likely want to do a c-section. After delivery, she may want to do a biopsy. The ob oncologist may want to a biopsy sooner, which I feel like if she does, we’ll let her. For now, I’m cramping and bleeding, which they told me was ok. I can use tampons for the next 48 hours. If I bleed through more than a tampon/pad an hour, then I’m suppose to call and they’ll have me come in to impact my vagina(stuff it full of sponges.) but hopefully that won’t be an issue. Pelvic rest for the of my pregnancy.

We also had our fetal heart echo/anatomy scan today. Calvin is a MOVER. weighting 11 ounces. Everything measures on time or ahead, except his femur is about a week behind. I know this is a soft marker for down syndrome, but his nuchal fold is normal, and his renal glands and kidneys are normal. Also, Joseph has a longer torso and shorter legs, so I’m thinking he just takes after his daddy. Also he’s got a bigger gap between his big toe and second toe like his daddy. So that’s what I’m going with so I have one less thing to worry about. In terms of his heart, Calvin flipped over and wouldn’t flip back over, they tried for 20 minutes, so they couldn’t get all their measurements. What they saw looks great (4 chambers, all correct arteries) but they want me to go back in at 28 weeks to get another peek at his heart.

I also had my maternal heart echo this morning. they didn’t tell me anything, they have to write their report and my dr will tell me. But I think I have a murmur(which isn’t news.) But there is no issue with my PDA repair(which isn’t news either.)


6 thoughts on “Cervix, Calvin, and heart update.

  1. Wow what a day! Sorry to hear about your cervix issues, and the bleeding!! I’m sure you assumed you’d be done with tampons for a long time, lol. Thinking of you!

  2. Really hoping that this bleeding is nothing serious and definitely not cancer. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this. I’m just glad that Calvin is doing so well! I love how his big toe looks like Daddy’s already. So cute!

  3. Wow.. lots going on. I hope it’s nothing that can’t be managed with your cervix and I really hope you don’t have to wander around with a vag full of sponges. Glad that Calvin is doing well and taking after his daddy already 🙂

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